Thursday, January 19, 2006

the observer & the observed

bladerunner is a must see. didnt get parts of the movie, but guess figured the philosophy. set in 2019 (not too far off) LA, the main theme revolves around these 'made up' humans called replacements. ...who are used for wars/ menial work etc and then executed (retired). the climax is awsome where you realise that the villan is not really a villan...sets are great especially the big moving screen (which also is a 100 storey bldg. facade) that appears off and on with a image of a woman's face, the interior spaces and ligtht effects..very well designed. although it gets spooky at times...maybe they could have intergrated scenes with more lighted spaces.
here is an analysis of the philosophy---
the observer who is yourslef, is made up of memories, experiences, accidents, influences, traditions & infinite types of suffering, all of which are past. the observer is both the past & the present & tomorrow is waiting & that is also a part of him. He is half alive & half dead.
One image, as the observer, observes dozens of other images around himself & inside himself, & he either likes them and keeps them or dislikes them and discards them. But the observer himself has been put together by the various images which have come into being through reaction to various other images. The other images are the result of judgements, opinions & conclusions by the observer, & the observer is the result of all the other images - therefore the observer is the observed.

(J K - Freedom from the Known)

coming back to the q Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? ofcourse they do, since its only an image from their past/ present/ future life. Just like an artist painting a tree becomes the experiencer experiencing the beauty, the movement, the shadow, the depth of a leaf, the quality of colr etc...and at some point he does not identify the tree but becomes the tree. there was no space between the observer and the observed...similarly at some point the androids become the


Blogger 0ranGe said...

tang i think this simply is:

i become the rhythm when i dance.

3:21 PM  
Blogger 0ranGe said...

or i am the graveyard of my grief

9:41 AM  
Blogger 0ranGe said...

its also somrthing like
theres no darkness; only lack of

11:30 AM  

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