Thursday, March 02, 2006


One perfect circle of air-cushioned dough encircling another one of empty space Few achievements have equaled this level of form marrying function
should also be noted that they taste damn good

If you are hated by the right people, it’s a compliment

why are we always searching to define words & everything in our lives?

though we may never realise this, we are always moving in a certain part of a huge circle that has really no fixed diameter
our actions and roles define the material and body of this circle
most of it remains undefined

there is no permanence

last week i was mostly on the roads driving to different places seeking jobs
the poor state of an unemployed!
every space had a distinct energy but the actions seemed all stereotype
i couldnt quite comprehend how to define a particular place
why was i looking to define anyway? i guess i wanted to place a placeholder on everything to classify it in my mind...to place everything in a column or a row

at the end of my travel, i find that there is really no grid to definitions and the journey has no destination

sorry no full stops in my text...dont like them
..would rather have a series of such before a sentence rather than an isolated one at the end



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