Wednesday, February 26, 2014


how to backpack th city you livein ? 
or was it known as picnic in olde' english ?  

how to have a nearly perfect day holiday?( more on perfection later )
i live in large city, by the sea, with a 200 year old history, 
if not more ... and villagers ... since thousands of years, 
various communities live here, it is a city of dreams, 
there are too many facets, iam .. just ... thankfully glad to be .. here ..  
in beautifull weather.

you first start with :  
ssssing on the bussess/ trrainnsss 
mostly i have had some truly mind boggling results 
now i am no singer. 
far far far from it.
im plaienei zestfullL 
i love to sing 
cos it's ofcourse easier than playing instruments, 
who needs more outside work and perhaps a more disciplined approach as such?!
singing is natural soft personal internal 
and voice! 
is here anyz more beautifull than live voiceof folks'.
i sing in my own ragas .. 
ihave no singing voice
little classical practice would have helped me 
but its long past 
iam slow 
when my freInds or fMaily hear me sing other people's songs,
( whgich are the only ones i can sing@! as i am no song writer .. ) 
they are offended 
ialter a few words here and there to suit my needs
ialter para's
i sing mostly when it is not much expected.   
which offends the gathering mostly 
i sing thereby originally    
asmuh asit comes to me 
i just like songs..  
ihave been singing in public transports since education..

how tiresome and nearly death this experince in bombay is. 
why whould'nt ? you do something to be happier ?

iask permissions sometimes, mostly from ladies.   
ising bhajans, few rock para;s and mostly melodies in indian languages 
i have no range in voice
no low level sscale, wich must bemostly difficult to achieve anyway  
girls on general class join me usually 
they are happy to hear 
something touches them so much.
some shift seats  
to come and sit near me 
we discuss 
they tell about themselves 
most intimate ones. 
" i just lost my dad."
 " idon't have any internal female organs"
" you should sing more , who ? won't let you ? you should go to indian idol." 
(i get toldin jest , iadd in jest) 

when you sing in an ac bus   
everyone is caught  in their day jobs 
posh girls in the front cannot believe i am doing this 
smirky smiles to eac other 
lady, your smile incidentally enough ismaking my day, 
men are receptive 
people who know silence, sometimes your neighbours, are raised to stunned awareness 
1female channels audiente' 
it is about connection anyway 

you catch an auto 
he guides you differently on your day 
mostly you chat with these blokes 
most are migrants from up 
most have double degrees 
most are brahmins
they are here to battle poverty 
and many relate nicely to me 
drivers usually have an energy about them in any case  
how else to drive?
it is about travelling together anyway 

you do juhu today
no visit in juhu goes without noticing amitabh's bungalow
just as -when in bandstand, on mannat of shahrukh   

isckon temple first assuggested and noted  
dance to wondrous krishna music 
connect to guru n lord 
recieve lord's crown's blessings
accidentally sit next to ratanrajput 
she helps you on physical, spiritual and friendly planes  
eat happy an wholesome
no you don;t buy 
great jie 
( gita ji , sorry!!!! shivam kshamoham!) 
as one writes essay in adolescence on krishu, tapaoed from dad, 
and wins great jie anyway 

later you go overboard with your hindu pals 
on some overly descriptive dramatic hindu temple of all shrines 
smile and scenery f seven eight floors
with an elevator no less. 

now i am neither a great hero worshipper nor star follower 
i strive 
what i know is.light is trasmittable. 
it is conductive, convective and radiative  
you can reflect your own true shine without doubt.

you feel space 
asan architect 
that suspended lightness and openness between all that is constructed amidst everything else
where life dwells 

you wlk to the beach
memories of 5 year old girl comes back 
you remember, you are still the same 
you play in the ultra dirty water, although 
your mind of nature lover is angry 
you know this has been a busiest peninsular waters since 4/5 hundred years 
but why can;t we make better care > 

you wear blossoming patti leaf green whic is green n yello and ice green which is muted shimmer  
you walk upto boys playing beach box cricket
you go and be audience
after their hooting,when they realise, 
they are happy beyond words! 
they suggest you join them
you blush 
more manuhar, you join 
they are some mixed ethnicities 
south indians and nepalis is my guess 
you play well as as result of practicing mastie with bros
iam so happy :-)

you carry certain paraphernalia , 
as should if you were travelling long journey, 
this is necessary in my city.   
mostly a dupaata sees you through 
if you cover your head too.most times its helpful. 
yes it ain't all that sexy, 
but this is little price to pay for the
maxi freedom you recieve in return 
of being alone on a picnic
you get asked are you hindu?
what will i have to do to ?  
wear saris? 
though you admire ladies with 
dancing skirts of their saris 

on perfection, 
it is a wonderament of the sad order 
how many get it wrong?
what is perfection ?
perfect would mostly mean complete.  
only yin and yang diagram is perfect. period. 
after that we are all the dancing bits and baubles of it 
things are perfect.not people. 
situations which r mostly work related are perfect
personally ... perfection isa drawn out concept 
god is perfect perhaps , 
maybe even hes not 
he is a cool buddy 
au naturale au rhythmic  
why worry so much be stuffy be held up be tight all the time 

it is beacause most of us operate on our little selves, we hurt each other too much, 
noneof us r accomplished to accept each other as we are 
we want everyone to do according to me,and 
they want me to do according to them 
this is the root cause of all disrespect  
anything that starts going from playfull to preachy is my nitemare 

i collect shells and burn feet 
feel the cool breeze and burning afternoon sun 
chase the horizontal as always 
i had too much fun!!!!!!! 


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