Tuesday, July 22, 2014

and 1c again
the normal common  woman/ man / child -- LOses!!!!
i am no political sciences student... / interirrational politics! : much less!

what i can't innerstand is how and why ????? will 300 people who have nothing to do with conflict lose their lives?
and their rem,ains?! be treated THUSSSS?????????
WHO CARES? who the devil is ? the ukrainan army? the rebels? the putin russina?
putana putana? putanan!!!!

really !
1c earlier i remember, \
 i had to take a plane- which was scheduled to fly across pakistani skies
at th time one was looking for osmabin
the carrier informed us that the plane will
fly across bahrain and halt there fr a coupla hours ( to boot)
all unscheduled
but was done to protect th fact that
there were indians aboard th plane
and they did not want closer skies!
ofcourse i getit!

will i be hurled out
by LOVERS>?!!!!
f HUmanity?~ !


<3 br="" nbsp=""> ( COPYING OUT SOMEone else's report! )



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some songs that changed my life,

101 Poems Against War

Stevie Smith

I remember

It was my bridal night I remember,

An old man of seventy-three

I lay with my young bride in my arms,

A girl with t.b.

It was wartime, and overhead

The Germans were making a particularly heavy

raid on Hampstead.

What rendered the confusion worse, perversely

Our bombers had chosen that moment to set out

for Germany.

Harry, do they ever collide?

I do not think it has ever happened,

Oh my bride, my bride.

3:37 AM  

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