Sunday, March 06, 2016

i am the most sacred divine that exists !

till wen are we gonna refute our divine natures ..
as i understand there have been too many killings
in the name of divinity .
so certainly not willing to be here on tis regard ! okaye?!@

but my concern is with the
man on the street with his family.
living on the foot path
on fort or near metro or fountain
or by not just jazz by the bay

do isuppose he doesn't feel divine ?
what am i supposed to tell his .. little children
that they are, no good no use .. as they are not my
own blood/skin/ race relations or some sachshit ! >?

~ wiel the problm of begars/ poverty is . .a humoungous problem in my country
( and i need to cover my view on this one .. and i will , soon ) |

iam also asking the average person ,
do not tell me.

you dont understand vibrations?
what it there to lie ?

as for me
 iam quite a blessed female
i dont even have to
try much
my heart broke again ...in thousand million pieces
when after asking spiritual sustenance in the golden temple after a few days I arrived out to walk to the jallianwala baag ..

so many many many little girls and boys
they did not leave me alone
fetching my clothes n me ..
they were selling gurujie 's wallet size snaps to me for ten ten rupees
these children don't deserve this much beggarliness and poverty
it's why even 1c long ago I had taken off to London coz I couldn't watch it
these children trailed me right up to the gates again ....
i was devastated to say the least
poverty is a huge problem in india not because they are incapable ....they don't know any better ..some are forced into remaining so poor ........to beg. .
what a disgrace that children have to steal their childhood innocence in this.
there is too much suffering and pain in life. we new as much as we can do to create positivity and positive atmosphere...
it's essential ...
last evening a soldier a destitute and a soldier's Angel.
both trying so hard to relieve the destitute's pain suffering dillemma .
get me ?
love baby love
so divine it is
don't rebel for heck of it
He needs it


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