Friday, September 18, 2015

some of dese thinks, ilearned in AN rchitecture school..

Architects kcreate comfort for others.
well generally that is the first step:
thereafter follows beauty, luxury, opulence etc....

most often this is a great big term.
kcreating comfort factor...|
arcx train n train n train themselves on for this
its a long process 
for which one needs training for a few years,
encompassing learning of human body proportions 
and furniture/interior design among many other subjects,
and though lots of arcx won't even practise interior design& decor

so.......comfort is a great big term for the human animal.
we all need it. every1 deserves this. all living beings. 
what is comfort?
according 2 me:
it has various layers 
i'am going to give some ofmy illustrations,
" architects world over are striving forthese:

1. if there is an arm stretch , it should reach a shelf.
this is understood thus, 
iam sitting on my desk.
busy and concentrating. 
ihave a table& a chair and whatever machinery iam working on.

now while lazily sitting on my desk, ineed an extra paraphernalia,
without disturbing my concentration,time loss( searching 4 de equipment),
ishould be able to stretch my ,say, right arm..
to produce 2 myself my need presently.
and thus voila ....!
wherever my arm stretches , my gadget is lying here,
i pick it involuntarily
and be on my tasks....
really!!!! this takes years of practice.

2. comfort is kcreated with end user in mind.
#different folks find comfort differently.
one needs 2 study this thoroughly.
what iwill find comfortable, maynot becomfortable for someone else.

~1c an architect was hired by acouple 2 design their house.
they lived abroad at the time 
designing and construction was overlooked by means of long distance communication.
so far so good.
new home is ready..
for the couple to movein as they come from another country to settle in..
every1's happy.
every1 realised on inauguration
the home was built by percieved and recorded standards of human proportions.
best used by six footers.
our uncle & auntie are five footers.
the house is uselessly painfull 2 them..

the point though is this.
most often..
in this chase to produce comfort 4 others,
architects forget making themselves comfortable.
a'least i belong in this category....
many others mightbe too..

comfort is a state -we chase to provide others..
this is our life..
we forget it 4 ourselves
or forfeit it willingly....

what greater jjjjoy on earth...
if cause of my labour ....
others could live hppily ever after..
don't wana be a lady martyr 4ever tho:
will gladly accept !:):P some1 being my architect!!!!!!:P
afta oll de toil, be a pleasure for 1c.:P

cya'll dotties!!!!!


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