Thursday, September 17, 2015

~sunrise @ chelsea....square....of mycorner.
@withstanding beginning ofautumn cold,
coffee..growing increasingly cold,....
some bun
dysfunctional fountain
doesnt bother me much....
fountain seats
large huge prettyskirt in cotton with geometric cutsnlines white nlight grey
short petiteguy
greying temples
we r in a world of our own
life's passin by:
im earnest very,
he's trying,
all cackled up voice
doesnot bother me
lots of sunlight pours in violins of sunrays
"i used to ride a bicycle"+
~ ~ ~ ~
iwant him to come out f his bubble.
he's trying.
im waiting.
sippin coffee
look here n there
it's an amazing morning!<3 font="">

as world spins by
ihear him say.
" iam going this way.
he knows imay not.
"will you come with me?"
i'll come ,
if am ithe only one you want me 2come withu..
not of the mind or conversation
jus silence
heart?soulit si in the silences that we actually live ithink
it si in the silences that we actually live ithink
world is still passing by
he's gone 2 his
violins r still playing  soothing music
sunrays lightin up
world is full of festoons
my movements are olways a rhythmsong
sunlight can caress me 4 vlong ....
istill tuneturn 4 him.
cannot remember..
square is foodled in sunlight now..
~ my shocking teasepink gloves ~
washed in sunlightbathed
clear blue skies.
i'mwhistlin songs olways....



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