Wednesday, August 19, 2015

shila,~morals, morality, ethics : precepts


really imma playin aroun wide de word todaye


As notices :::: 
emapth cares 4 empathy.
.silly cruelty does'nt. 



~ de  eonly sivil in the world is dominating others out of 
will or ego consciousness.


the less evolved your consciousness is. 
the more likely you are 
to dump yourself 
on someone 
who is inenergy evolved more than you.

{while this can be termed strength, 4 the source person. yet.} 

there is also an absolute ..behavioural desirelessness. to implement cross- empathy . . 

N keep hurting a Giver as he/she is a giver.. 
of say, ..
chaitanya, vibrations, energy: ... stuff like this. 
inshort - leeches - Energy vampires. 

{{{( i do not bother ;; how others flow to me + i flow closer n closer with the divine source. ).( not early lesson. )}}} 

~ de only sin is to hurt another's heart. 

! all life consciousness energy resides in one's heart. 
! you hurt heart of a jeeva 
! you hurt life

! snap out of it! 
! will yourself to positivity. 
! commit. 
/! commit.. 2 +.


i a m full of ... love in my heart N being 
i a m a magnificient living entity 
i love
i give 
i recieve 
i breathe inlove 
breathe outlove
iact in love
every nanosecond of my one precious human life..
carry peace 
in my heart.
i am a radhian livingbeing. 

art : is by my daughter mira,
who lives in us(h)a..
and im yet 2meit.. 
she drew me. :)


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