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What we get to know : trhu ;em..

what is is     
-- on digital age -- 

there are far tooo many folks 

out there inthe world who beleive in.. 
adamneve storie of creation :-
~ well..,,its a preity nyc one 2 me...

- but beingfrom india......
we learnt a lot of english...
its my first language,as sach, 
if i mast consider ..sanskrit 2be mine though--

n i ...discouvered sumthing...///
we grew learning....
our values customes traditions..all of it in india..but in english. ... 
we are veritably indians..spaeking english--..its Indian English...hinglish....//

.......my house has bein fullof books of 
spiritual preceptsof hindu origins:::: ..
( thanksto papa,taujie,,::n oll dose writers ;) 
which were in english..

n then we disciussed n expounded on dese concpets......and..formed..our ...opinions..our beliefs..
revised them...n ...our..life too...

so i went aBOUT expounding my hindu identity.. manyatimes in english language, 

but innerstanding hindu spiritual terms n concepts, 
so i got the best of both worlds...

its wen things remain stuck ...

is whenits dangeorus...what is..eternal shoul remain so .. ...
life offers a he lottaaa scope for improvising..
n surely one mast..

in india we donot even discuss creation stories or myths as just one thing..

as there are far too many that are available to us,,..( thank god!n thank goddess!!!!1 )...
so..its a real nice one ...open.suspended lightness of creationary existence... sotospeak... 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8******8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


So here i present one ..

its based loosely on...
the main creation srotie that most hindus/indians beleive in....
( true to my hindu blood; none of uslike to repeatedly harp on being hindu hindu hiundu.....happy tobe bhartiya...)
....we are okaye...too much harping on 
does nothingfor me tooo....... / 

the one of Manu,..

the one progenitor of  mankind ..
of all humankind in existence today.. (theosophicALLY)...

.. the second main source is a poetree book calld Kamayayanie..
by a great hindi poet Jaishankar Prasad. 
my dad introduced this poem to me- 
papa not only read a most important portions that iwill relay here 
.. but also most of de stuff im writinghere is mainly a discussion with papa..
...manu is talked about in folklore way..
we all know him...
bering hindu is lovely..
as we dont have to srtick to any one thing..
we are open that way
.... loosely held around a core .....

The opening scene of the storie opens with 
Manu sitting on a Rock ,stone,on EArth...

( THERE is a hint of a pralaya 
that must have taken place before 
this ...--pralaye ~ complete destruction brought on by gods..
- - executed by shiva)

either manu is the first man here or he is the survivor after the pralay- is open to interpretation...

when we say manu is the only one man here : it doesnot imply there are no other beings..
..there are other divine...beings present there...n they can ...be there for him...

- BUT onearth manu is alone. as a human..
{ it so reminds me of the opening page of ayn rand's fountainhead with howard roark.}

- Manu is sitting sorta worried alone and contemplative...

He is worried for the earth.
as the first man, 
it is his duty n responsibility that he look after Her. but he does'nt know:how>>>>>>>>>>>????...
he is in deep thought ..n unable to get over ...the fact that the whole of earth which is his home, his sustenance, and his ...extensionof (whole)Being is in trouble.

he maybe sitting there thinking of devising ways to help restore her.
but presently is faunting for-
it is possible for the divine beings/gods 
called devas..to help him...
but they won't. 
as he is manu.
he is an earth man, 
first man sent to earth, of earth .. n he has to devise solutions for himself by his purushartha
-his hard work..he's got to live his human existence his humanity..
mr manu is worried. he's anxious. 
he's unhappy...there are ..lines of worry over his forehead..with despair...clueless 4a solution...

now: a ..........er...ahem...ummmm....suddenly

a beautifull lady ...appears infront of him...
he is so enamoured by her ...he cannot ...take his eyes off her..he cannot turn away...
he is ..also..left wondering who she is.. 
sohe asks her:  "Who are you>?!

to which she simply n merely replies :

" YOur DUhitaa. 
or - I am your's ..
or iam you./your wife>?!
..in indian way--man n wife maynot be considered 2 different entities.
..they consider themselves n are :"one".  
so wife can say-iam you.,,lol!!..
now he's Aghast...as he obviously does'nt know how he got himself a wife>?!...
sohe says ...no....how can this be?!
she says, ...     
" I am borne of your ...sweat/thoughts /worries/ ...mindmatter--- 
i am borne out of you...-- ...out of your mind.
out of your manan yagnya~~~~ yoursacrifice.~~~~ 

while manu was all stressed n worried ....his mind thoughts ...bear his wife out of him...
She says her name is Ida/Ira..
( in hindi ...D and R exchange sounds..r is the soft sound for d..

* Ira means theearth in sanskrit....

these two are interlinked here inthe sense that ..this same Ira was responsible for saving earth or ...perpetuating it ...abd hence ..ira = earth too... [donot ask me -if the chicken came first or the egg.] ......yes - is a silly joke considering stuff im writin here..

as soon as she says this : manu and ira...

go into a deep deep deep attraction 
~~~ like trance ~~......... for each other...... 
..where nothing else exists .. 
except .. each other for them both.. ..
it is said, this is the original law of attraction...
that we talk about these days.....

the original law of attraction ...exisxts ..between manu n his woman.....
this law of attraction sustains and  nourishes earth and all ..her life and beings...
this law of attraction is ..repsonsible for 
all beauty .., life and ...nourishment on earth...

ira is said to be preity erudite...
she's an accomplished intelligent woman...
she ...is the one who presently teaches manu everything there is to know for him to run/sustain/look after earth and her matters...
shes wise n all-knowing...
when earth is later filled with many races and wars start over,when social issues on earth too need mending..
she is HIS wise counsel who ...shows him the way..
                                            { and its whispered that soon,
                                                   if we all call the tune, 
                                             the the piper will lead us to reason. 
                                      and a new day will dawn for those who standalong.. 
                                                   and the forests will echo with laughter.
Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know,
The piper's calling you to join him,
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?
And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.
And she's buying a stairway to heaven.

and she's making a stairway to heaven!!!!!!!:-P}

so anyway 
manu and ira are repsonsible for the fact that 
our earth is still runnning,,,....
this is de mythicalstorie of creation..

it seems further..that manu and ira ..went into a fight ,,,... 
( although socially but ..otherwise ofcourse ,she is still with him....and ...hence 1c again Manu is despondent....:::
even when he first appeared..in our first scene
already had a first wife..whom he had left behind with devas.. she is known as Shraddha...
she too is supposed to be of infinite ...intelligence and wisdom nbeauty... 

Her intelligence is of an esoteric nature...

of which it is said ,....nobody..knows how 2reach hersource......
so while ira was ...of earthly/social relevance in partnership with manu...
when he goes away ...it is shraddha who takes him with her to the  mountains...
to acquaint him with evenmore knowledge...
thus...i ...end my today's storie of Manu jie...

hope you ..like readingthis...
p[laces where i use english differently 
...i do so on purpose...
{[or usu. follymasters guide me] :-P
my english is very good or fairly so..:-) 

~~~ ciao
<3 br="">

Art work ,as named as Maya,by me, is by my friend and visual artist, Sunny Kolekar, i quite thought it suits so beautifully,thanks sunny. 


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