Friday, October 03, 2014

Bangalore calling ::::

: bored out of my wits in "" yet another city?! "" .....  
i havent a clue... how and why we folks decided to -chuck our plans to go to < first :arunachal/assam and then Himachal Pradesh, India 
 why we came to bangalore .. " one more city to be in " /// 

** wahe gurujie ...: i just realised i am so happy, even where i am ... these days permanently :::: |altough its not city/urban .. 
and i got to answer eaxh and everyone : on why i came to live here: after being in bombay and abroad | ( still in my favour :: when behl sir : told me :: its is very rare and yet it's just the sort of thing he would have done himself!!!! ) ( my heart sings!!) !!! 
AHHHHH! them guru's blessings!!!!! :-)  

cities are concrete jungles and roads n few other.. dreams .. ... 
endless hospitals in this one ( lots of earnings! ) / 
none of us chase health : we chase bills ::  ... and ... 

the one loveing thing i found in banglore is her : viraat hanmanjie's ... :-0 ///// 
and all these boys in kattas having chai : there is some chill about this city sure!@ not enough for me though ::@@@@!!!! 

| more of doing the same routines people worldover do in cities .. | 
its soooooooooooooooooooo boriiinnnggg!!!!!!! same/ similar topics ,same/ similar activities :  etc ..
 ( OR ACTUALLY : ITS VERY DIFFICULT TO INFLUeNCE ME INTO NEGATIVE POINTS OF VIEW: to my credit,:: i changed a few perceptions here ::!! hehe! voila! To Success!!!! :-) 

it could be my experiences in this one got scarredddd upon arrival .. .. 
we arrived late: as ... our flite got delayed by three hours in chandigarh : 
  we reached here at time proper : twelve midnight! 

^ the friend' who was supposed to come pick us up decided to chuck her manners , and sent a semi paid taxie instead. almost stranded in a city none of us northerners knew much about..   
:: so the cab driver is now revealed to be an awesome man ... ( all of us speaking in a mixture of hindi + english .. and to what is kannadiga : we can only . nod .. yea yea.. | for me, having grown on listening to tulu~ * (  i love listening to tulu ).... ,, its similar .. also notice little tamil sounding :: .. okay !!! we are in karnataka! . . 

so now : for all horrors of alloween : 
we don't have address proper : as in these days of, phone calls, watapp, and also any and every other form of communique on phones , we errrrr sorta .. didnot think of it ! 
! the couple who are to recieve us in their homes : are drunk asleep after a few bottles of wine! ( lols! ) no really!!!! .. 
we are all in HSR Layout from airport, after dropping a few folks at majestic , as they wana proceed to mysore immediately ,) and no one takes our calls ::::!!! 
these guys conked off:::!!! suddenly .. |
 we go back to majestic ,... and .. after hell lot of manouveres.. ... again back to hsr .. 
looking at each every noook and corner of 27 th mains, 28 th , 29 th ?! what????!!!! looking for the address we R sorta half supposed to be in !  { inspie of them knocking us off: we are way cooler friends ~ ~  : we weren;t going to ditch them for lodgings elsewhere;  we are going to wake 'em up!!!! :-)} 
we LOOK FOR THEse guys~ ! and now find them .. but it is now morning of dasshera!!!! 

so th whole night of ashtamie /navamie ... / we spent in going round and round and round and round bangalore! no really !!!!! into Dussherah!!!!HAPP....HAPPY DASSHEhRAH EVERYONE!!!!  
...... the best part of this is ::: ' the cab driver! awesome man!!! .. beautifull person!!!! n now! : our hosts are awake to recieve us! !!!!
still as to my own vein : i forgave and forgot and gave it a credit : 
still same ol same ol 

one great thing i noticed is few : """ decon modern buuildings ... 

and looking at them i realsied for the first time -i am seeing them in .. concrete realities .... and all said and done at the end of the day : i do like 'em ... 
and yet too : these buildings are not so big in scale and settings, 
and none of them are : the groundbreaking modern inventions by famous architects, i'd likenlove2see::::n emulate rtoo 
architecture is waycool ... done..differnetly... 

: : n so for myself i need to run 
to this fair and square n quick!!!!
Quuiiicccckkkkk metalllll!!!!!


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