Tuesday, September 08, 2015

borrowed 4m some1 ... vdear.

who am i today. who ami becoming? are my priorities of learning to lovelife. N knot jus my own self. n famnfriends. but also.mothershipearth. as i care. for this too. terribly: too much. ( also .. im tired of feeling ... like iama  MISSKNOEITOLL/ AS DAD frequently  teases me 2be. and ( pssst. n sumtimes does'nt evenlike this @ me. ) and yet. ... ( why shall i feign ignoraince. ) im an astoundingly lucky girl. iam very unique. cuz .. god chose me2 be so. i wasn't even .. particularly looking 4 this.  
@ivalue deep authentic relationships. 
I am gentle, caring, (complexly) simple, and highly intuitive.
I am conceptual, idealistic, motivational, reserved, empathetic, sensitive and loyal. 
I seek meaning and and value in what I feel/find symbolic towards my happiness.I'm understanding, forgiving, loving and accepting.I have infinite forgiveness.
untill suddenly I have none. (n yet have this inside., undisplayed) .iwill go to the end of the earth for you. 

If however your lack of compassion interferes with my passion to go to the end of the earth for what and who I believe in.,ibecome done. 
I accept your right to be here. I will not retaliate. I will simply no longer participate.Eventually I don't grow. because I have to. anymore and I grow because I want to.
Eventually character building becomes something good in itself. Eventually it's not about right or wrong good or bad. Eventually I just want to get better.You can come with me if you want but I will not stay here. I will stay tenacious. I will stay determined. I will stay inspired. I will stay excited. I will stay willing. Most of All.... I will stay honest. I have no problem building others up because I know I'm headed that way.; provided I continue my journey towards God and myself.
I will let go of that which does not serve my highest good. I will embrace the darkness that comes with the light. I will have the courage to walk through pain in order to grow. I am not changing who I am. I am simply moving closer to who God wants me to be.
ii would definitely, meeit, ana's one sealeast. .. she has .. olready done a lotta good fome.thank you. anna.  


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