Thursday, April 14, 2016

jie, hanjie

agreeing to elders is the greatest capacity of a young person, 
there are various sach .. things we follow in our culture ... these are called sanskars, 
you may be anyone that you want2 be but one must be sansakarie

we may not disagree with our elders 
with our teachers
with other people of elderly bearing 
this does not mean 
we must crucify ourselves
for this jesus is here.
but generally it is something we are most agrred to do 

when .. in the ancient time of mahabharath
the great bhishma pitamaha was yet a young prince
he was told by his father that he may not bear a lineage 
so he awoved 2 remain an eternal brahmacharie 
meaning he wont go near women ..he wont marry
and hence cnnot bear children
he did this just to agree to his father sab 

mygreat lord Rama bhagwan 
was asked by his father sab the king dashrath vikram
to leave his princehood his kingdome and be expelled from his own ayodhya ... 
rambhagwan simply smiled 
and agreed 
to say no to your father sab, or maa, is a thing unheard of 
whereas same may go for a married woman pertaining her man, her hubby and in laws 

this caused the society to remain somewhat managed on its own principles self sustenance.. 

in my culture 
causing revolutions
and other sach things that are fashionable in modern times and western societies are not considered righteous energy
it is energy moving forward 
but it creates negativity 
it creates lot of negative energy for the society 
as sach the society should function same as your body 
if your right hand revolutionalisied every few times 
it may probably appear as paralysis

anyway this same thought was 
given pooraka 
by a verywise 
khalsa bhai 2 me :) 
while i travelled from some gdw or another 
and i asked him one or 2 questions 
not any more 
as i was shy too

as in my previous chapter i somewhat said somethings against my elders i wanted 2 
apologise and understand in my own way too 

as this is not my practice ever
following this has somehow brought me a lot of authority and success and i am happy it has worked for me. 
i am super duper glad. 
i sat on the head of meetings in board rooms 
where every1 was ready to follow my instructions 
i became a dean to so many students 
i have enetred business houses and top performers' offices  
( please not 2much either .. i am also a wrecker i travel more linearnkcreative than vertical always)
tch is also wy im pr! :) ~ 
aim a super blesse female and
it is because this reflects

what is discipline 
above and over our capacities, to-be punctual; 
this is time.
we need to be punctual with our time. 
we need to be as most-rigorous as possible with our discipline.
maths is a discipline
being a student us a discipline 
creating luvnpeace in this space of world is discipline 
yet to see the light of the daye for all of us 
learning making bhakhries or baking pizzas like my granmaa 
or learning innovation from a company like spacex from this guy wotshis name
this is discipline 
these are disciplines 
let us not miscalculate 
let us not admire leaves but forget the roots 

as sach time is super important 
i am alive so i will die 
so my time is limited for htis birth 
but time itself is eternal or immemorial or infinite
it is a separate concept than our clocks 
and it belongs to Great Lord MahaKaal
( for me of Ujjiian) 
he is the bearer 
not every1 is capable of this 
so if we notice one of our children 
ill adjusted to the concept of time 
let's try and undwrstand it a little  
it also is the eternal truth 
of earth 
belonging to the masculine 
let us honour our sons
alongside our daughters
who move in cycles and rhythmic circles 
by saying hanjie 
yes! <3 span="">

we are not being  
there is nothing wrong in recognising 
something someone older greater bigger than ourselves  
and agreeing to it ... if they wanted it particularly to 
some order should be created in our chaos 
this is life 

also at toher times elders also listen to others 
and this runs our rhythms 
muchas gracias 



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