Tuesday, April 12, 2016

testimony for mr. anthony robbins .....

unleash the power within ....

okay tonite i decided, first and formost ... i am gona wrte about his topic . .and move on 2others laters... 

who is anthony robbins ? 
every one calls him tony robbins these days .. but ... i recieved the book in this name ... and it shall be this ... for me .. 
~ i do not suppose for now .. i may ask anyone ... IMAGINE. 
is coz ... every1 experiences at a different level and .. 
maybe most cannot imagine .. what another is gong through .. 

so .. right now ... no imagination .. 
for now i will tell you in words .. as it is difficult .. to tell in any case for me ... 

i am studying architecture .. 
ever too studiously .. 
im inundated ... in my thought processes .. i attempted too hard n too dense 
these are not .... levels we all generally imagine .. to break .. 
as .. ofcourse ... they may lead to .. .no ... success on .. social level.. 
i still cannot make understood ... what it is -the philosophical apple i was trying to chew on orbite .. 
except . .that .... 
in no explicit words .. or clear formations of actions .. 
i did find my own mojo ~
i hope n wish i can share it .. 

but i am sure .. its different and easier for some 
its .. far ahead for others 

some dont care to be here 

it was extremely complex and complicated on me with absolute on returns 

i have no complains .. 
i learn iaccept 
life is a phenomena of gift 
it is sacred 
it is divine.
! so okay 
in the middle of an extrmely complex learning time that i owed 2my university .. 
i got stuck and heavy 
ha .. its design 
ha .. its everyzx 
ha is architecture 
ha what are the levels we are fitting on. 

so okay .. my college .. .was ... sumwhat average. 
the bestest aspect of this place was 
we got left alone 
no one bothered after design or 'styles "
no lengthy discussions 
if it can be built and .. you turn in some sheets 
we were good to go 

~ but my philo sytate was'nt allowing me jus yet to be aggressive about any simple studies of earthy existences ... i was deepling on a diffrent level .. maybe because .. also .. i ahead been too much into ... heavy duty meditation .. .the chaitanya .. .was .... heavy at the time .. .i wasnt ableto navigate ..

~ for a 20 year okld .. spending too muchon education ... borrowed from parents ' life time savings and credit.. in a society that values.... keeping these appearances .. .going ..... i was drowned .... 
i was not a rebellious girl in .. a  mornal ... sense of the word .. 
ihad no boyfriends .. i wish i had been able to .. 
" why are you in this trance ? 
i am doing sadhna 
sadhna karogie toh prem kab karogie 
miss ho he gia
enter ...
my father sab .. brought me the latest gift .. anthony robbins .. book .. 
papa brings self development books always and this was cool was us .. for me .. 
i cover my books in brown paper or old newspapers .. 
this one was in a pretty brown cover with hand inked title and name of author....very simple.
i have beein a library rose.
i owe nearly everything i am i know .. 
i owe so much knowledge too all these peeps on earth that record books 
and then these get deleivered to ... ultra .. simplest female sponges like me ... and man!!!!!! .. .books ... have beeen ... my greatest gift ever .. all those years... certainly today my reading is lot reduced ... i did get tired of it .... but ... i read a lot ... and ... it has been wonderfull ..... 
thanks to all writers in the world. any ... language.. and subject .. any purpose ... that you wrote .. you came out .... i cherished .. ! :) 
uni was going tough for me 
studies were going all over the place 
teachers were angry 
peers were judgemental 
i was exorbitantly sensitive 
without having any way of showing it 
i still struggle ... 
at 21 wen every1` else comes of age 
i was living in a dark n heavy space alone 
of a pattern indescribable 
not knowing how to reach -nagivate 

my adult life has been a trajectory of pain. 
but untill now 
i wasnt even able to formulate these words to come to a realisation  
how am i getting to you? 
any one please ?! 
so finally i held on to tony robbins book for dear life ... !~ 
uptill now i used to carry heavy books of architectural jewellery in tomes ... it was an arms workout .. 
but presently i understood 
something is going way too worng 
i discarded my pleasure books 
for something i have to break in to 
it wont be worth it 
my travel to school was most painfull. 
for studying a course like the one we had .. 
we needed to live near our schools 
or for scholarly pursuits at least 
otherwise i was spending so long to travel in public transport 
actualy today i am gona spell it as it is. 
it was a nightmare. i cannot wish on any 20 year old female. 
esp. some1 like me. 
i think i nearly died inside
i lived in the last suburb of bombay .. from there i was travelling to new bombay ... via .. govandi and the buses were full of fumes dust crowds trafic log jams plus expensive for a student
nearly every day after returning through this painful journey 
i would throw up at home 
sleep off 
wake at nites to finish school work or studies 
get late nearly everyday to reach school on time 
and get shouted upon at for discipline.
where was the discipline from my elders 
who could not see that the heavily log jammed public transport needed some easing out for young souls. but i did not say this. ever. to anyone. i am happy to battle my own battles .. if they are gona be worht it.. this one had beein ... 
today i feel exquisite tenderness towards life 
everything is now .. worth it .. 
(although i met a fate unimaginable ... and 
i expressly state that my fate, i wish on no living thing. ever.) 

and yet. 
today iam .. so very loved ..   
those were past traumas.
today is so golden and beautifull and preetie... 
and ... future is gona be even more ... cheerie blossomed.. 
so everyday in the most painfull bus journeys .. and even other times
i used to read and read and read and read . .anthony robbins' ... book. 
i understood little of it ... 
some things . .were too much to put in practice... 
i read it like bible or gita..
i read and read and read.. 
i cannot even remember it much right now .. 

but here was the voice of a person who was saying ... unlimited possibilty exists .. 
change is possible 
change anythign and everything .. that's not working for you. 
(imagine . .even till today ..  iam struggling with my dense state of thoughts ..)
honestly at that time ... it merely .. embalmed me .. 
the processes . .are still starting .. up untill today .. 

we were shocked that he spoke extensively about changing food habits 
about mirroring ... and understanding all the various body languages in people 
the nlp ... now which is called somethign else .. thia cannot keep up yet .. 
watching a few of his .. .videos ... jumping up and down in energy balls ... 
the bloke is amazing .. :) 
simple american man .. 
who spoke from his heart 
about making life better for him and his family. and every1 else. 
his book carried his voice so far ...... and ... meant so much ... 
nutill today ... we are all struggling ... 
but i am glad .. i followed .. anthony roobins ...
i made my own way of understnading life, based on his .. .templates .. 
i am still figuring out my truths 
progress is still far 
and many a times i get very bleak 
but i wont giveup too ... 
i can firewalk ..:) 
imagine the change i am able 2 manifest .. 
be a firewalker 
be a change~angel
its very tough 
painfull to the core 
it is going to be worth it. 

always your's ..
jai ganesha .. 


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