Sunday, August 28, 2016

abda dabri doo

there was a major mishap
my phone email picked up a virus
couldnot log onto any accounts relatex to gmail
later got a call from a friend saying
something hopeless about is being circulated
please check
i have been so busy doing life
ofcourse because I have taken up so many difficult paths upon myself;
i cannot understand why any one will be so vela to try and hack a female's account for what reason ? I'm not even any important person or celebrity. imagine haven't even had time to fix that yet. yes that's how much in strigle I'm allalone. @nd even for this strigle im infinitely gratefull.
instead of hating try love
instead of tròubling others please try to provide them with whatever you can.
there are days when I myself don't have anything and yet I give away the last morsel of either money or food i may have saved just because I don't like to go through scarcity complex. not for me. not for any1.
be generous
try at least
it's very difficult and painful in internal being........
but it's great to deal with every one else.
just because all the world isn't awakened to this
that's why we hurt each other
try love
make it a habit
make it yours
even if there will ve no returns
still it is the right n correct thing to do
it's the omkara
your a participant
create beauty light hapiness joy giving love peace true inspiring life
tc beauties


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