Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chelsea Mo

Little Mo looked at the ice and she liked it,
when she tried sliding,
it was nowhere near as easy as the Bigones made it seem...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

MIMA - the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

too much dwelling on beauty

Dhyeya purti
Finding the first 'm

From subjective to objective is ABSO.
The lute the man may have.
Or does he have abs.
if there will be a man...
So whats the lute

Allah increasingly looks like Om;
If there is a God.

AllAh ke bande hum sab, Allah ke bande.
Allah ke bande hum sab, allah ke bande!

an ode to buckminster fuller

IT, ARCH % Etc

take Zen.
Indianize it,
Becomes jain.
Simplify it,
Becomes jan.
Jan means people
In between all this;
An architect stands.
How he stands there, no-one knows.
Why he stands there, Only he knows.