Thursday, July 30, 2015

shivratries in india :-)

my today's pop ~

is about shivratries in india.
Its a part second of two part series write ups  ,
Ibegun to share with ya ' ll ..

i've decided to be even more honest than my previous versions, ways, methods, and style of writings.
..in most of those . altho i am incredibly honest ::: I edit out my paiN.
I merely bring out absolute truthful beauty from my medium.

This 1c I'm telling myself :
~ (i'd this why she thinks of you 2be a fool ?!?! ...)
~ (neway..)


their..weddings..are..like....most weddings on earth 
...during daytime ..
here they are at around..10/11/..in..mornings...

usually ..a muhurutham will be given , 
meaning ..auspicious time 
... there will be a good time given , s
o the good task can begin in good energies .. 
this is considered a great big part of indian living ..

predicting a muhurutham is not easy. .
and is done with certain amount of astuteness from the pandit guiding you and ... 
also all of one's needs and desires to be happily met .. 
mostly they do do work wonders.

....( iam not against .. any choices in one's personal life _ 
so kindly bear with me on this 1 ) 
( imma tryin atryin to bring to light some of the 
good practices in my part of the world. )
...but..will..instead ; choose..love...2gethernes..sacrifice,

~ 2b continued ~ 

Friday, July 24, 2015

bollywood sholywood

got asked by a colleague/friend to visit the
whistling woods international.. 
to which i nearly jumped to say yes !

now once there was a time,
i used to be crazy to visit campuses,.. 
i designed a school within a campus once ~
we all have a hangover 
over some kinds of .. places, 
it was campuses 4 me earlier

whichever city i would be in 
i made it a point to visit some of them surely.   
i am going to list out all the places of learning 
i have been lucky to have been to : 
although there maybe quite a few,  

kalina campus, fort campus, university of mumbai;
cambridge and oxford university towns
( cambridge is a gem .. unparalled !!!!! its built by and is on the river cam.
nid, cept, nirma and iim ahmedabad ..  
again ! cept ! omg! .......... it's .. a campus like no other!.. 
MS university campuses in baroda..( various ), ...  
spa, dels..; university of westminster (the courtyard size reminded me of a matrix movie scene ).. ..iit bombay ( BIOME paradise ).. jnu ( jnu is a social experience by itself ) ! .. oh .. many more ...iit delhi ( nopes!)...and quite a few more ! ...   

i don't have this .. fetish anymore .. i grew out of it..

so anyway .. 
this fine mumbai day.. 
perfect mumbai picnic weather day .. 
we are at whistling woods .. 
and what i saw .. really . . blew my mind !!! 
it's a film and media institute .. and 
sach a creative vibe there .. 
saw a few ... ' artists' .. and actually altho we see these 'character artists ... and even remember them .. still i did not know their name .. and .. henc i didn't go and say hello ... ..uhho .. ( rach sudhar ja ! ).. ( no .. imma b8er ..2daye .. on star! following!!! :) wink!!! :)        [  lol ! ] 

saw lots of .. behind the scenes work . . 
all the pre and post production .. .it was amazing ! 
at the time they were editing a french movie... and sound boxing another .. 

neway.. we were there with a business proposal of no small feat; so yes . .we were recieved extremely warmly ... but .. it's i beleive .. also a.. way of their functioning .. we ended up with a meeting with ms maegna gai..

and she's a sweet warm and gracious .. lady .. really ... all that ab... star daughter syndrome.. there ... really is a truth to the quote in, 
' the go-giver ' : that the bigger they are, nicer they are ... ( altho i am v nice too ,okay!) 

think of this : ... you are your own trademark , 

and if you wont .. be nice gentle receiving .. to life around you ? ..! who is gonna be interested in you .. anyway ?! .. .. !!!! 

later there was gonna be a play by ... mr anupam kher ( oh we all love him soun much ) /.. 
however i could not stay back .. for it ... 
i have seen anupam kher jie in london .. 
and that was wonderfulll !!!!!  he's wonderfull !!!! 

neway .. so there's a huge scope for ..creative media industry work in punjab too .. 

the language itself is .. made for singing or so i believe.
and they do so much .. original art there .. 
and there's a word of mouth going on : that every farmer worth himself is running to either record a song, or model or turn to acting .. ( and this is amazing! no?! ) ..

tho the real truth of it is this .. omg ! the music .. is .. soooooooo original! ...  and i am glad for all these punju singers to get .. whatever chances they get to make their art!

this sort of .. charhdie kala .. is amazing .. ! ... 

why did i write this long winded ... day of my life here ... with you ... all ..and .. .now it seems to me it may be a tad boring one ! ... 

it was a cool happy day at whistling woods . .and .. 
being from bombay .. we spend a lifetime answering, so who are the stars you met/seen ? ! .. 
er .. umm ..
i am a star!!!!   :) 
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