Sunday, December 27, 2015

i am so loved.

hello everyone, 
all of you who may find me here ..
i thank you for being here for me. 


firstly the topic is about briefly. 
@---- ++++====
me understanding how my last two / three years shaped me in life.
next is about Social Media websites,namely facebook and twitter, as i used these two a lot.. during this period of time. ~


about 2/3 years ago, i moved myself to punjab. i had a clear spiritual calling that i should go here. and now i am touring abroad and even this one was a clear call on my spirits..  
as i have been to these various situations where i have had to be away from any comfort of myself,my life as i knew it..  
as when on tours- all the people one meets, are kind of strangers- 
AND YET i could not help but notice that they all seemed similar to me.

i am someone who does not notice too much differences ... In fact i find assimilation points of references in people whether personally or in a group.

i find differences to adore praise or understand anothere one. 
i try and look for similarities in every soul, many times 
we find it..

what are our differences ? and what will anyone fight to you about ? i am a woman. so definitely a man is different. 

yet. he is the same species.how i cough he coughs. how i need food after every few hours, he needs it too.. 

i reached stages in my life when, whenever i look at anyone, everyone starts to look like a baby child soul to me. 

however a big an authority of a person maybe. at the end of the day each of us is human. we have similar basic requirements. 

culture is too ingrained in us. we are someone defined this way or that. 

as i move forward, i notice so many of my own mistakes in thoughts actions words. i am working solid on myself towards a few growth paramenters. it is tough. as all growth is. 

there is a kabir doha for this one .. 

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye
Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye

I looked for the Bad Guy, Bad Guy I couldn't find.

When I searched my mind, Noone is Nastier then Me.


i am unable to see the bad in others.

i want to and am able to see the good in everyone. 

and yet ofcourse. life will present all kinds of 

circumstances. usually it is said the time or situation was bad. it will be like this. so during these times we move on. 

iam a great believer of beauty of life 

and i hold the opinion that the future is going to be awesome for everyone. 
it should be. it has to be. we all have to work towards this.
( look .. folks like mark zuckerberg and family even giving away their wealth! in sach hopes! ) :) 

so okay another is about the appropriatenes or misappropriatenes of social media. 

honestly i took it quite seriously. its coz that's how i am .. 
this too was a mixed bag. 
just as in life .. everything is made up of positives and negatives , it is so on media too. 

actually no one even knows which way is the wave tiding ? and yet, there is so much push and pull. 

i was in a form of desperate situation in life, when i started using the social media.
i started it to conduct it as a form of experiment to self. 

some of ththings on it were extreme disasters and some of them were like love of my life! 

see it is the same in practical life too incidentally. 

it is probably a lot easier for a person/grp to mistreat you, on social media than in real life. as mostly, ofcourse there is not much by way of your physical presence is there? so .. that's that. 

when some one like me kept getting duped even in real life, what can anyone expect from media based entries. 

ifound also the bestest ever friends there though. 

ifound lot of motivation and new ways and methods.
i understand too much is going on on the internet.

it is upto me ... how i want to use it. 

if i want to make use of my time and resources then .. plenty is available too constructively. 

mostly iam going to try and reduce my socail media interaction coming into the new year.  

it was required for me when i needed guidance. 
{ then too much shit took place} 
now. it has taken me to my bearings. 
yes i want to be connected. 
this was one of the main reasons of exchanging media. 
still simplicity is my grain.. 
bring me simplicity.. 

lets not trash media

there is too much miserablenes in any case in life

be good do good be humble be humane be overwhelmingly inspiring ! <3 font="">

i wish you all lots of happiness and luv




Friday, December 25, 2015


here is the link 2 my other blog .. 

i had set it only for myself .. and shared it minimistically ... par now its ok .. 
i got over these phases .. and .. 
i am quite embarased over it too .. 
it feels like a teenager's ... anger journal or something .. 
although there are some nice ones on it too ... 
im a bit too bored n sleepy right now .. 2 ... set settings for each .. post .. 
so it's ok .. 
mainly .. this is an extremely extremely private journey for me. 
but .. recently i thought about it.. 
i am over a lot of ... previous addendums.... 
we grow we evolve 
also i kind of ... realised ... i needed 
to be more open ... 
the world .. can do .. good . .with .. 
more hearty opennes .. 
it's cool 2 be expressive .. 

if this blog of mine.. will serve anyone .. .

even one more person in this love boat .. 
iwill be an excessively gratefull female .. 
waisay bhi sextans . . duur hai :) 
i mean aconstellation .. called sextans .. :) ! 
here is my xmas :) gift .. jaisa hei hai .. :) 

hope ya'll joy :) 

merrie christmas. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

happily hearting hearts

from many days now my blogger account got stuck..and the weird ( altho sach is normal 4 me)
for many months I did not write here and I was feeling guilty about it too; and now just had so many poaens to share and it was stuck shucks.
anyway my today's topic is about hearts.
your heart. my heart. hearts of all beings. the real true beautifull essence of anything everything . 

what is your heart. it's an organ that pumps and sorts blood ..but is it only that much ? the emotions frequently associated with 'heart and mushy feelings reside in our brains. but essentially and its true that this organ is truly divine lit out. 
so if we train our 'life energies to live in heart consciouness, our life/jeev atma starts the process..

it's certainly not easy..requires one to trample one's own ego again and again ..the rewards are beyond worth it.. 

mainly it isn't easy because the way we have set our world" the logical reasoning portion of brain keeps records and we keep arguing down that path..
when it certainly helps ...its wonderfull to heart your heart out. 
this is a no brainer.

there were times- iwas sach an addict to read from books ^that I would read nearly any books available to me ^at the time even though it was waste grade and I knew that..
anyway so I forever prided myself after doing a thorough waste of my energies that I can certainly make the best of waste....:/)by finding some nuggets of wisdom from these. and it is indeed true. 

in one sach boriyat tome I surmised this ..

all artists, each and every one that there existed 
and exists and will exist ..desires of one thing. 
he or she wants to practice their craft..
this is one thing
another is that they are happy if their craft skills increase.. 
also they are happy that they get appreciated 
or recieve benefits due to same. 

and yet essentially this following statement is the truest form of all artiwork..
all artists and their artiwork wants to bring hearts closer and together.
whether of the appreciator's/ viewers' to his heart; while he conceived and made this,
or 2 of these appreciators : or any of these possibilities..
all art exists to bring hearts closer together. 
♡♡ imagine how intrepidly lonely each one of us myst all be actually feeling
&yet the logical men cannot express this ..
♡moreover even appreciation of art is to be learned and inculcated daily in practice¤above mundane tasks etxc....
♢♡♢the practices of following our hearts is so tiny so low so little so small ..we are almost afraid .what if? what if ? we actually followed and followed our hearts ..we would be more wounded and hurt ..but as well we would have loved so much so deeply so vastly so effusively so heartily ....

♡♧♡our hearts carry our blueprints from all our previous livetimes and this one, 
into the future ones.
..it's only our hearts that need all the works -in this world..
♤♡our soul remembers our hearts'strings 
there isn't a greater tune music poem rhythm song than heartiwork ( yes ever so reluctantly and ..no ..I haven't even begun dwelling on this one yet ; 
but I now conclude I believe in DeHindu belief of reincarnation s or that we keep returning back , unless we recieve blessings of light...
more on this ..for n seq) ..

so yes please 
working on r hearts please.
and everyone else's too 
he or she your heart she will remember ......always and forever ..it's a wonderfull life ....

uptil next time 
hasta manana..